UK Election With A Majority Vote To Theresa May Low Odds

Theresa May is $1.17 to be UK PM after the General Election. Conservatives are $1.07 to win the most seats and hold 99% of money wagered.

A Conservative majority pays $1.22 with a minority a $8.00 chance.

Theresa May is on course to become the UK’s second woman publicly elected as Prime Minister according to the betting from online bookmaker

May is $1.17 to become PM and has attracted five times more money than Labour rival Jeremy Corbyn ($5.00).

The Conservatives are $1.07 to win the most seats and have attracted almost all the money (99%) with Labour a distant second on $7.50.

A Conservative majority government pays $1.22 with a Conservative minority the second favourite at odds of $8.00.

“May made a bold move calling an early election but her confidence looks likely to pay off as all the money is indicating the she will be remaining at 10 Downing St,” said’s Will Byrne.

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UK PM after the General Election
$1.17 Theresa May
$5.00 Jeremy Corbyn

Most Seats Won
$1.07 Conservatives
$7.50 Labour

Next UK Government
$1.22 Conservative Majority
$8.00 Conservative Minority
$10 Labour Minority
$17 Labour Majority
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