Sportsbet AFL & NRL Million Dollar Tipping

Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping AFL and NRL - Over one million in prize money

Join Sportsbet AFL & NRL Million Dollar Tipping Competition

Get ready to enter Australia’s richest tipping competition for the NRL and AFL with Sportsbet.

The online bookmaker offers cash deposit prizes including $100,000 cash to each overall AFL & NRL winner at the end of the season. The Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping competition is free to play. Besides, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to register and enter the competition.

Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping

You can register for one competition or for both, AFL and NRL so as to increase your chances of winning major prizes.

With big prize money in the offering, it’s time to get your family and friends involved in the competition. Being at the top of the ladder gives you the bragging rights, so go for it.

Get Richer With The Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competition

You need to be 18 or over to enter the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping competition and be eligible for the prizes. Join Here.

What is great is you do not have to deposit any money or place bets to become a Sportsbet member and join the competition – it is totally free. Therefore, if you fancy your tipping skills, then you have nothing to lose.

There is a $100,000 first prize for the AFL Footy Tipping competition and $100,000 first prize for NRL Footy Tipping Competition. Even if you come 2nd, you will pick up a cool $50,000. No wonder they call it Australia’s richest Free tipping competition. In addition, there are weekly prizes along the way, including $10,000 every week for the Best Tipper of the Round for the AFL & NRL.

All you need to play is a Sportsbet account, which you can sign up for and even receive a $501 bonus bet bundle if you wish to make a deposit. Click Here For That Bonus.

The best thing about the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competition is you do not have to be a big punter or an expert. Try out the new Quick Tip which selects the favourite or you can select randomiser to put your chances in the hands of the Gods.

There are plenty of tips available on the Sportsbet Website to make you a better tipster. For every round of the AFL & NRL seasons, you have the chance to win or share as much as $10,000 in cash for each of the competitions. With over a 500 cash deposit prizes at stake, you have nothing to lose and a great chance to win something.

If you rank among the top 250 players per competition at the completion of the season, you will receive a cash prize. All you have to do is pick the winners in each round.

In the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competition, participants are ranked according to the number of winners they pick. Not only that, each round you will have to select the winning margin on a selected game every week.

Sportsbet offers you the opportunity to create your own private tipping competition and invite your family and friends with the chance to create a team and compete with other members. Join Here.

Prizes galore

Share in $1 Million in prizes

While the winner at the end of the season goes home with a $100,000 cash prize the runner up receives $50,000 followed by $25,000 for the participant in the third spot. Fourth placed goes home richer by $10,000 while the 5th receives between $7,500.

Prize Summary For AFL And NRL

Place 1 – $100,000 Cash Deposit
Place 2 – $50,000 Cash Deposit
Place 3 – $25,000 Cash Deposit
Place 4 – $10,000 Cash Deposit
Place 5 – $7,500 Cash Deposit
Place 6 – $5,000 Cash Deposit
Place 7 – $3,000 Cash Deposit
Place 8 – $2,000 Cash Deposit
Place 9 – $1,000 Cash Deposit
Place 10 – $500 Cash Deposit
Places 11 to 20 – $250 Cash Deposit
Places 21 to 50 – $200 Cash Deposit
Places 51 to 100 – $100 Cash Deposit
Places 101 to 250 – $50 Cash Deposit

Do not forget there are weekly cash prizes worth $10,000 for the top Weekly Tipsters for every round – And watch out for 3 jackpot rounds in the AFL and NRL seasons. The weekly prize will double to $20,000. The best tippers of these 3 rounds win or share $20,000.

To double your chances of winning, why not register for both the AFL and NRL Footy Tipping competitions.

Yes, there is more than $485,000 up for grabs for the AFL Tipping Competition and $515,000 up for grabs in the NRL Tipping Competition in cash deposit prizes.

In this competition, there are going to be many winners along the way. For both the NRL and AFL Million Dollar Tipping competitions, you are rewarded with one point for each correct tip.

So, make sure you are quick on the ball and offer the best footy tips that may come your way even at the last moment.

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Sportsbet Afl and Nrl Tipping Comp