Very Late Money For Labour In Queensland Election

64% of money is on the ALP to prevail in tomorrow’s QLD Election – Labor $1.72 favourites.

Online bookmaker has taken just over twice as much money on Annastacia Palaszczuk’s ALP compared to Tim Nicholls and the LNP ahead of the Queensland State Election.

Labor are the $1.72 favourites with LNP at $2.00.

The ALP are $1.33 to win more seats than LNP ($3.00), however a Hung Parliament is the $1.75 favourite ahead of No Hung Parliament at $2.05.

“The money has really started to come for the ALP in the past 24 hours and history shows that to be as good a poll as any,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

Markets courtesy of
QLD State Election Winner
$1.72 ALP
$2.00 LNP
$21 One Nation

Who will win the most seats?
$1.33 ALP
$3.00 LNP

Will there be a Hung Parliament?
$1.75 Yes
$2.05 No