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Ladbrokes Review: 300% Deposit Bonus Bet

Join Ladbrokes and receive a deposit bonus bet of 300%. They will match your first $50 deposit and give you a bonus bet $150.00 giving you $200.00 to bet with. Join Here: 300% Deposit Bonus Bet

There have been more than one accusatory ‘Late To The Party’ comments directed in the direction of bookmaker Ladbrokes.

And it might be possible from a philosophical perspective to criticise the methodology of ing a homegrown bookmaker,, as their conduit to the lucrative Australian gambling market, but one would suspect that those comments came from sources that had some vested interest that experienced negative consequences as a result of the competition that Ladbrokes introduces into the mix.

Punters, on the other hand, have one more exceptional choice in their wagering quiver, and if nothing else, the presence of Ladbrokes might spur some of the other bookmakers to greater exertions in the pursuit of new clients and the retention of existing ones. Join Here : 300% Deposit Bonus Bet

New At Ladbrokes Is Odds Boost

Odds Boost is the name given to the new Ladbrokes promotion that allows racing punters to enjoy greatly enhanced payout opportunities with virtually no increase in risk.

Every customer receives one Odds Boost to use on any racing market, so long as it is a fixed price bet type on a runner to win. It can be at home or abroad. Simply add such a bet to your bet slip and the Odds Boost icon automatically appears. Click on the icon and watch your odds jump as you watch.

Even better, once you have used your Odds Boost, another one will be added to your account overnight, so when you see a runner jumping at favourite odds, you have the ability to back that runner and receive a much higher payout if that runner salutes. You can enjoy daily chances to capture much higher payouts on solid bets.

Odds Boost bets must be placed from your cash account and there is currently a $1000 staking maximum wager. As the promotion evolves, that limit may be increased and it is also possible that Ladbrokes will make it possible to use Odds Boost with their popular Quickbet feature.

Ladbrokes Background

Founded in Worcestershire, England, in 1886, by two horse racing- connected commission agents, the firm spent its first 16 years in that location and adopted the current name Ladbrokes in 1902, when the operation was relocated to London.

It was a rather exclusive operation confined to the aristocratic and upper classes all the way until 1956, when the company, after years of declining fortunes brought on by the decline of Britain’s class structure and the influence of WW II, was reportedly sold for a somewhat paltry 100,000 pounds.

Fortunes improved in 1961 following government legalized betting shops made possible by the Betting and Gaming Act. Ladbrokes currently operates well over 2,000 storefronts spread across Great Britain and Ireland. They began operating a website catering to Australian punters in September of 2013 after acquiring and its Northern Territory issued license to offer online wagering.

Ladbrokes Features

QuickCall – Place bets In-Play With 3 Clicks Of The Mouse

Ladbrokes QuickCall is exclusive to their clients giving them the power to place bets on sports while in play and this way you don’t miss any of the action! NO PHONE REQUIRED.

To place an in play bet on an event is easy, 3 clicks is required. All you do is click on the odds you want re your selection. Press OK on the next screen which says BET LIVE WITH QUICKCALL and then click on ‘CONFIRM BET’ and you are done, your bet is on and no waiting and no fuss. But how is it done – Your wager is put on with QuickCall sending data immediately to Ladbrokes, just like selecting any other type of bet online.

New Australian clients qualify for a first deposit bonus bet when you deposit $50.00, Ladbrokes will give you 300% on that giving you $200.00 to bet with.

Unlike many competitors’ similar bonus offers, however, the bonus can be used for up to four equal bets, provided that those bets are placed on markets with odds of at least 1.50.

Wagering funds deposits may be made with Visa and MasterCard, bank transfer, BPAY and POLi. Withdrawal options are limited to bank transfer; however, it is possible to do this via a Ladbrokes issued card that can be used at ATM machines. Winnings are credited to the card, which can then be used to withdraw cash. Ladbrokes does not have transaction fees except in the case of someone trying to deposit and subsequently withdraw funds without wagering.

The Australian operation accepts only the Aussie dollar for funding purposes, requires a modest minimum deposit of $10 and has a low 1x deposit turnover requirement. Sports wagers are restricted to residents of Australia and New Zealand. Those with appropriate credit qualifications can obtain credit facilities of up to $5,000 and the minimum online bet is $0.10; $20 for telephone betting.

Ladbrokes will require proof of identity that can be done online with the proper documents or by mail if online verification fails. Credit card deposits require a legible copy of both sides of the card. Overall, nothing too elaborate, but actually comforting in the age of identity theft.

It should be noted that dormant accounts will be subject to a $25 fee after six months.

Ladbrokes Bonus 300% Bet

Ladbrokes Markets

As might be expected, there is no shortage of wagering opportunities.

Typical for Australian bookmakers, there is plenty of rugby and AFL. Ladbrokes ranks number two amongst Australian bookmakers, trailing only Sportsbet when it comes to Rules. Many American sports are also offered. Soccer from all over the world is offered. The depth of the less prominent sports is also considerable.

Racing punters will find everything they need as far as flat racing, harness and dogs, along with all the various bet types, including exotics for most race days. They offer form guides to assist in keeping tabs on everything.

Ladbrokes does offer live, in-play sports betting, but is subject to the same restrictions as all Australia licensed bookmakers which limit live betting to the telephone.

There are casino style markets as well, including slots and table games and even backgammon.

Ladbrokes Margins: Join Here : 300% Deposit Bonus Bet

Taking all the different events into consideration, Ladbrokes has an average margin of 4.8 percent.

That is better than the overall average of 5.1 and is completely competitive with the other big bookmakers. It is possible to find better, but there are always tradeoffs in other areas to consider. Most casual or moderately active punters will find the margins tolerable.

Ladbrokes Bonuses and Promotions

Ladbrokes is competitive in this area. Their sign-up bonus is a 300% Deposit Bonus, which is above average, along with the exception mentioned before of the ability to split the bonus into and up to four equally sized bets.

Concerning promotions, Ladbrokes takes a back seat to no one. One unique offering allows horse racing punters to ‘Pick Your Own Odds,’ where a margin of victory selection from ½ to 6 lengths on Win bets will pay higher dividends to punters who elect to take on more risk.

Ladbrokes Wagering Platforms

Feeling no need to reinvent the wheel, Ladbrokes uses the same interface as was already in place at Few will entertain any complaints on this score. The site loads quickly, is laid out properly and is simple for both new punters and those who use one or more additional agencies and wish to toggle betwixt them. It will take most punters only a matter of minutes to learn how to locate their markets and fill out their bet slip. The bet slip is packed with easy to use features, including one that automatically announces any promotions associated with a selected event.

There are mobile platforms for iPhone, iPad and Android operating systems. These platforms offer hundreds of local and international sports markets, thousands of racing markets, and whilst not as extensive as the website proper, still get kudos from the smart phone punters who appreciate the freedom to wager anytime and anyplace.


It would be easy to do worse than to have an account with Ladbrokes. It is possible to find occasionally better margins on certain events, at certain times, with certain bookmakers, but that is always going to be the case for active punters who expend considerable effort to gain every possible edge.

For the more typical punter, one who wants to have a punt or two on rugby, the footie and a horse race on a weekly or even more frequent basis, Ladbrokes is a legitimate contender for sole online bookmaker and most definitely deserves to be considered by anyone who intends to punt with two or more agencies.

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