Kevin Pietersen To Run For Brisbane Mayor

$3.00 for Kevin Pietersen to have a Brisbane Rubbish Dump named after him. $501 to be handed the Keys to the City Brisbane-hater Kevin Pietersen could be in for a surprise if some of the markets with online bookmaker end up playing out.

The man who described Brissy as a sh#@hole is $2.00 to have a rubbish tip named after him, or $7.00 for KP toilet paper to be rolled out across Brisbane public toilets.

Maybe Kelvin Grove will be re-named Kevin Grove ($1,000) after his comments, but the $5,001 for him to become Brisbane Mayor and ‘clean up’ the city just isn’t going to happen.

Perhaps a Kevin Pietersen statue would be fitting, but where would it be erected? The Luggage Point Sewer is the obvious favourite at $2.00, although the bottom of the Brisbane River ($2.50) would prove a popular choice with the locals.

“Kevin Pietersen doesn’t like Brisbane, but the feeling’s mutual at the moment. A statue of KP would provide pigeons and Brisbanites with some nice target practice,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

Markets courtesy of
Kevin Pietersen Brisbane Markets
$3.00 Rubbish tip to be renamed after him
$7.00 KP toilet paper to be rolled out in Public Toilets
$21 KP dartboards on sale
$21 Sign for the Brisbane Heat
$51 Species of mangrove to be re-named after him
$101 Grandstand at the GABBA named after KP
$501 To buy a property in Brisbane
$501 To be given the keys to the city
$1,000 Kelvin Grove to be renamed Kevin Grove
$5,001 To become Brisbane Mayor

Where will KP statue be erected?
$2.00 Luggage Point Sewer
$2.50 Bottom of the Brisbane River
$3.50 Next to a Port-a-loo
$5.00 Luggage Point
$5.00 Nudgee Rubbish Tip
$10 Moreton Bay Mangroves/swamp
$34 Kangaroo Point Cliffs
$101 Story Bridge