Dane Swan’s Brownlow Advice To Dusty Martin Is To Lay Low

Dane Swan knows what it takes to win a Brownlow Medal, so he’s offered some advice to Dustin Martin on how to make sure he doesn’t stuff things up like Patrick Dangerfield has.

While sipping on Pina Coladas on holiday in Morocco of all places, Swan sent a poolside message to his good mate Dusty through online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au, with pearls of wisdom like “fake a hammy injury”, and “go on a bender and receive a club suspension”.

Swanny reckons Martin already has enough Brownlow votes, and to avoid any potential MRP dramas, his best bet is to lay low.

“Even half a dozen cocktails down, Swanny speaks a lot of sense so hopefully Dusty takes heed of the advice and doesn’t go anywhere near the ball for the next four weeks,” said sportsbet.com.au’s Christian Jantzen.

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