CrownBet Bookmaker Review

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CrownBet Review – CrownBet is based in Darwin, Melbourne and Sydney and is governed and licensed by Northern Territory Government. CrownBet is an authentic Australian betting company that complies with Northern Territory Code of Practice for Responsible Gambling.

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The company’s professional website was launched back in 2005 as BetEasy. Matt Tripp, ex CEO of Sportsbet then purchased the Licence in 2013. James Packer, in 2014, also bought in with Tripp and then the site was re-branded to CrownBet.

Over years, the betting site has established itself as one of those few betting companies that take security and privacy of customer information very seriously. Join CrownBet Here $500 First Deposit Bonus Bet

Since CrownBet is 100% Australian betting company, its primary focus is on Australian sports but the company also provides a wide array of options such as snooker, motor sport, MMA, handball and more. The company covers sports and events like greyhound and horse racing, cricket, Super Rugby, NRL, AFL and more but focuses more on racing. CrownBet is also a proud sponsor of Australian sports greyhound and horse racing, NRL, AFL etc.

The company believes in providing a simple, user-friendly and yet powerful web interface to its customers. Over years, CrownBet has introduced many features and promotions for its new and loyal customers, making betting a sheer pleasure for everyone.

Apart from the welcome bonus, there are several other promotional offers rolled out by CrownBet from time to time. These promotional offers never remain same and hence, users need to check for latest updates from the company. All promotions are updated on the official website.

These promotions too come with a special set of rules and need to fulfil the mentioned criteria. For instance, some of the latest promotions included:

. Refund of a certain percentage of the betting amount in case the horse betted on end up second to a named runner.
. Refund of a certain percentage of the betting amount if the Rugby team betted on was leading for the first half but ended up losing the match eventually.

Apart from these time-to-time promo offers CrownBet also provides Bonus bets for its loyal customers who participate in discussion on their blog or communicate on their Facebook page. The company also offers Happy Hour Promotions to make betting a little more fun and a tad more profitable for its customers.

Website Overview Join CrownBet Here Claim Your $500 First Deposit Offer
Coming to the official website, CrownBet decided to go without the fancy elements as seen in competing websites. However, the company did an exceptionally good job to make the website very user-friendly.

The website is very well structured and all necessary information are added to the website in a simple-to-navigate fashion. CrownBet also offers a mobile version of their website where users can bet using their smart phones or tablets. The company also offers free applications for both iOS and Android devices. The separate news and blog section of the website provides updated information about special promotions and bonus bets.

Customer service of CrownBet is exceptionally good. With well-trained and polite staff, the company allows its customers to communicate using toll-free phone contact, live chat and email. However, only racing department of customer service is available for 24/7 support.

Support timings for other sport are expanded only during big events.

Overall, CrownBet is a committed betting company that appeals the tastes of every betting fan in Australia and with its specially designed bonuses and promotions; every customer gets a reason to smile! Join CrownBet Here – $500 First Deposit Bonus Bet