Conscience Vote Tipped to Resolve Marriage Equality

Online bookmaker has made some drastic changes to their betting on marriage equality following the Liberal party room meeting to resolve the matter.

The proposed plebiscite is a short $1.10 to fail to pass the senate and $5.00 to be successful at the second time of asking.

Holding a postal plebiscite is $1.33 to occur with $3.00 the odds it will be stopped.

The most significant change to the betting is on a conscience vote, with one being allowed now the $1.75 favourite – in from $3.50, not allowed pays $2.00, out from $1.25.

Same sex marriage is now tipped to become law in 2018 at $2.20 with 2017 drifting from $2.00 out to $2.30.

“Today’s Liberal party room meeting has had a radical effect to our betting markets with Turnbull allowing a conscience vote now a favoured outcome for the first time,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of
Will the governments next plebiscite bill be passed by senate?
$1.10 No
$5.00 Yes

Will a postal plebiscite happen on same sex marriage?
$1.33 Yes
$3.00 No

Will Turnbull allow a conscience vote?
$1.75 Yes (in from $3.50)
$2.00 No (out from $1.25)

When will same sex marriage become legal?
$2.30 2017 (out from $2.00)
$2.20 2018 (in from $2.70)
$4.00 2019 or later (steady)