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Betfair Review: New 20% Boost On All Winning Bets

Those who do not like to have a share of their odds taken away by middlemen will like Betfair. Unlike a traditional bookie, Betfair is an exchange allowing people to lay bets and back them.

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Established in 1999, this company is today the largest betting exchange in this world known for processing 7 million transactions daily – a figure way bigger than all transactions taking place in all European exchanges together. Join Betfair And Get A 20% Boost On All Winning Bets

With more than 4 million customers registered globally, the company’s website registers over 7 billion weekly page views. Headquartered in London, the company has bases in various parts of the world including Australia and Malta.

Australian operations of Betfair started in 2006 and is regulated and licensed by Tasmanian Gaming Commission. In Australia, the company operates under a joint venture with Crown Limited which is an ASX-listed company. Betfair’s Australian headquarter is located at Melbourne and its operations base is at Hobart, having an employee strength of 100. The Australian operation of the company deals with nearly 200,000 bets a day.

Though the company’s focus has always been the exchange, Betfair has made significant improvements in fixed odds side, casino and other games in the UK. Such improvements in Australia are under order and soon reflect on the company’s website.

Bonus Attractions of Betfair Join Betfair And Get A 20% Winning Boost Up To $500.00
It goes without saying that given its unique selling points, the company barely needs to offer any bonuses or promotions. Still, the company provides several attractive packages that keep its customers returning for more.

Like every other bookie, this company also offers ongoing promotions. For owners and fans of dogs and horses, Betfair has something very interesting to offer. The company offers 20% bonus to the owners if their dogs or horses win.

If someone is not an owner of a racing animal, he or she can enjoy the ‘Best of Four’ promo offer for all Australian races. Another promo named ‘Three Times a Charm’ allows people to win up to $100 in promo if they happen to back three winners in a particular listed meeting. People can also win up to $10,000 in prizes for free-to-enter tipping competitions.

Those who are not much into racing, Betfair offer weekly boosted doubles during NRL and AFL seasons. People using their UK site can enjoy several promotional offers on various instant games.

Website Overview Join Betfair And Get A 20% Boost
For Australians, the exchange model of betting is still relatively new. Of course, some hardcore traditionalists prefer to stick with the conventional style bookies. However, Betfair encourages them with a host of extraordinary bonuses.

For instance, for high-roller odds, they have dropped their commission to 2% and they also have odds as high as 20% increasing the overall payouts for long-term odds. These exceptional promotions are possible only because of the immense wealth and resources owned by the company.

Getting to the website of the company, expecting anything less than perfection is simply out of question. Betfair’s market coverage and its in-play offerings are also lucrative for punters and sports fans. The website provides wealth information with an easy-to-navigate design and adding to the charm are their dedicated mobile applications, which allow people to bet even when they are on the move.

The design, colour theme and the overall structure of the website are embodiments of sheer professionalism.

Betfair 20% Boost

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Customer Service Join Betfair And Get A 20% Boost On All Winning Bets
Take it! You do not get a chance to complain about anything with Betfair. With an exceptionally well-trained customer care team, the company has taken an oath to reply to all emails within two hours. Well, this pledge actually covers up the absence of live chat facility but that is not a problem because Betfair also offers a callback service. With their 24/7 operational customer care, sports fans and punters will have all their queries answered!

There is only one thing to say – Everything about Betfair is good and they are Highly Recommended !